Is there a better way to spend a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon than a drive to Entebbe wind in your hair and the anticipation of a meat feast? To be honest, RSP did most (okay all…) of the driving, I did all the disruption with frog singing along to the radio & boring him to death with my horrible story telling skills😂. I had always wanted to try out Brazilian style barbecue & thought it the perfect day a couple of weekends ago to give it a go at Gaucho Grill.

Gaucho Grill is in Bwebajja along Entebbe Road and although it might sound far for the city dwellers we got there in less than 45 minutes even with traffic thrown in between the journey. We found the place easily (there is a big ol’ sign on the roadside) and I swear I could almost smell the meat from the parking lot (I was awfully hungry at the time so this might not be accurate).

Gaucho Grill is famous for its all you can eat dining experience but we wanted to try something else and instead opted for a mixed platter of beef, chicken, pork and goat’s meat with a side of salad. We also ordered a separate plate of fries because when you eat with a guy you’re always going to need extra food (men have the appetite of grizzly bears 🐻). While we waited for our order, I had a chance to explore and I have to give them a thumbs up for the ambiance. It is airy, comfortable and somewhere between the sweet spot of rustic and modern complete with an 80’s & 90’s music play-list.

Enough talk, onto the fun stuff. When the server brought our food, I will say I was disappointed. He brought a pile of meat on a plate and at once I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough. I want to publicly admit that I was wrong. RSP & I shared the platter and almost failed to finish it! Turns out my SEE-FOOD mentality fooled me into thinking the portions were small but boy was I wrong. The cuts of meat were excellent and well done although it could have used a bit more seasoning (the spicier, the better I say but that’s a personal preference). The fries were fat and soft and the salad was a hit. To make it interesting, we had a guessing game of the kind meat we thought we were eating. I won only once because even a child can identify chicken! If you like things a little hot, be sure to ask for their homemade habanero sauce that will set your mouth on fire. 

The damage for the mixed platter was UGX 65,000 which when shared is a pretty decent price. Gaucho Grill’s service team get an A+ from me. They were attentive and even asked a couple of times if we were alright with having pork included in the platter. They also put these hurricane lanterns with a tiny candle inside on the table which I found enhanced the dining experience. It those little things that make a difference.


I left with a food baby I named “Winston” after my favorite character in the Fox TV show New Girl and miserably failed to convince RSP to give me a piggy back ride when I felt I couldn’t walk another step. 

Definitely would recommend it for whether you’re looking to try something new outside the city or even for those who stay in the neighborhood.


We dined with compliments from Gaucho Grill.  All views are my own.  

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