Ohh wow….where do I start? First, Happy December and Merry Christmas, people. If you follow me on Twitter or IG stories, you’ve probably seen my bragging of having permanently converted the entire office to Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra and The Piano Guys christmas albums (they now play them every-single-day). Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year so you will find me easily excitable about decorations, carols and baked goods. I pass by Bbrood at Village Mall everyday just to catch a whiff of fresh pastries (clearly I have problems). But the best part of December has been all the amazing things I have experienced. These have been my favourite things.


RSP & I had a spontaneous date night at KURB in Kisementi after doing the run-around for places to eat at. The KURB (which is aptly named) is a food court right under the stars giving the best of a variety of culinary delights. It houses a bunch of restaurants from the health-conscious Kwenu Kampala to Yatai-Lab by Yujo Izakaya that serves japanese street food to Little Donkey‘s mexican delight to the alcohol infusion masters at Embers Bar. Its seating arrangement is a little wacky and the waiting staff is a little disorganised so we actually had to go downstairs and tie down a waitress to serve us. RSP had the Viking Street Swine burger with fries and I had the Brat Dog hotdog from The Farmhouse and shared Teriyaki & Honey Chilli Chicken wings from Wing-It. The fries were a little too hard and dry but the burger, hotdogs and wings were spot-on. They were really delicious. Matter-of-fact I have a mind to MARRY THAT HOT DOG. If you haven’t visited Kurb-Kisementi, you definitely should. If you find yourself spoilt for choice, just buy each of everything.




The word “Drinkcember” has been yelled at me since the month started (hence the title of this blog). I would like to blame my “bad friends” for the state of my liver but its partially on the Kampala Cocktail Week. The Kampala Cocktail Week is an annual 10 day event organised by Pearl Guide in collaboration with a bunch of bars offering a range of signature (and sometimes) cheeky-named cocktails priced from 8,000 ugx to 25,000 ugx. It was a pretty sweet deal which Diana, Hazel and I went to town on. Diana was determined to do all the 30 days in 10 days that she was drinking by midday on a Tuesday! I want to say that I exercised control, like the adult I am, but nope. We druunnkkk those drinks & even made sure we used the vouchers Pearl Guide was so kind to gift me. Rihanna’s Cheers ( Drink To That) was meant for #drinkcember

Bourbon Mint Lemonade @Arena Sports Bar #KlaCocktailWeek


This was the biggest surprise of this month and I don’t think anything is going to top it this year. RSP invited me as a plus one to a Sofar Sounds Kampala event which was spectacular. A little background, Sofar Sounds is a global music community (in 387 cities in the world) that works to brings the magic back to live music through intimate gigs. These gigs can be anywhere from a rooftop to a backyard, Ed Sheeran actually performed in someone’s living room in a Sofar Sounds event in Washington D.C (guys, there is a video!). The event venues and days for the gigs are usually hush-hush (you get location details a day before the event) but the surprises that await are worth the mystery. December’s gig was at Embers Bar in Industrial Area with no more than 90 people and we had the time of our lives. Joash (he was on Rated Next) was all heartbreak songs, Sitenda was musical throaty sounds accompanied by a drum and Steve Keys was a master on the keyboard (we even composed a song together ). The people from Sofar Sounds Kampala are always looking for space to host gigs so if you do have a picturesque backyard or large rooftop, do reach out to them.

Image credit: Kavuma Eugene / Sofar Sounds Kampala
Image credit: Kavuma Eugene / Sofar Sounds Kampala


Gertrude, my work-partner-in-crime, picked up Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime while she was in New York during spring of this year and was more than happy to lend me her copy . If you don’t know who Trevor Noah is, please raise your hand and award your cheek with a smart-slap (you deserve it, you dinosaur!). This South-African stand-up comedian grew and now hosts “The Daily Show after Jon Stewart left (yeah those were hella big shoes to fill) but he is holding his own. Without giving anything away, Born A Crime is a collection of his childhood and youth stories while growing up in apartheid-era South Africa born of a black mother and white father. Even his most tragic tales will leave you laughing (classic Trevor!) but better give insight in how his experiences and family turned him into the man he is. Definitely a keeper on the repeat read list.



I WATCHED WIZKID IN CONCERT!!! After missing the Tekno & Mr. Eazi concert (I can’t seem to remember what we did with the tickets money), I despaired that 2017 would end without me shoving someone at the ticket booth in true universe concert etiquette. God in his infinite love, sent me a saviour in form of Pius who offhandedly texted instructing me to pick up my VIP ticket for the show. I took the ticket & danced my feet sore for all it was worth. The highlight of the show was watching Wizkid chastising a guy for inappropriately touching a female fan & even going the extra mile to separate her from the entire situation. If that wasn’t gold, then I don’t know what is. Wizkid was totally worth the hype.

In other news, can I talk about how beautiful the Bbrood christmas display at Village Mall is, how much chocolate has been falling on me, how so darn delicious leftover Chinese food tastes with morning coffee and barbecued meat tastes best with a UG Coconut.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Y’ALL. Don’t forget to eat & drink responsibly.

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