Its 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m seated in my sweat pants eating maize snacks and watching a Sex & the City marathon. It is day 32 since I quit my job and the frustration of working to get another & being constantly rejected has killed my spirit. I no longer have the ardor to pursue my dreams or do anything productive. I am content to watch TV shows & have entire tubs of ice cream until the lactose intolerance kills me or the zombies from the Walking Dead come alive and eat my brains.  Either way, I am good.

Fortunately, that was me then and by the time you’re reading this I am singing in the rain and making lemonade (see what I did there!). Haha…I know, I got jokes (hmm…perhaps I should consider becoming a comedian). Truth is I am in a much better place & my love affair with life is kinda rekindled.

Losing your mojo is a pain in the butt but what nobody talks about how to deal with your feelings of despair & hopelessness which quite honestly are the major stumbling block. Sure we can exercise & find new and exciting hobbies to fill the time but what is really going to motivate you to actually move your butt off that couch when having a pity party complete with black party hats & sad songs is so much easier.

Since the Internet won’t provide answers that actually work for us adulting millennials, here are a few ahem…unconventional (maybe eccentric) ways I got my groove back;

Dissect that frog

The frog being the problem. Grey’s Anatomy it out and saw its chest cavity wide open. Examine it, suction it, turn it inside out and study that tumor until you can figure out a way to cut it out. Discern the cause of the distress and find a diagnosis that would put Dr. Gregory House to shame. Be honest with yourself & come up with real solutions (and no neither avocado toast or coconut oil can solve this one).

Fuck your feelings.

This Mark Manson podcast is what actually pulled me out of the stupid pity party I was in (hence the title). Well that and the twitter rant I made that made me feel so much better. Life is sometimes unfair & fucked up and that never stops. Feelings are such fleeting things which somehow manage to trick your the brain into thinking they are the center of the universe. Well they ain’t.  Eat your ice cream, cry and drunk call your ex but on the 3rd day you need to snap out of it. The world moves on whether you’re in it or not. (Yikes tough love is so hard to dish out! I wouldn’t want to be you right now)

Smuggle yourself to Disney World

Please do no such thing. Smuggling is illegal and dangerous (I think). What I really meant was find your happy place (There. I did it again! But Florentina you have such amazing word play). Haha…ignore me, I’m vain sometimes. Any who, find what brings you joy. Whether it is getting thoroughly kissed by your significant other, finally reading Chimamanda’s Americanah or binge watching Lilly Singh YouTube videos, have fun discovering what floats your boat. You will be surprised by the opportunities and inspiration that good vibes bring.

Books Are My Happy Place

And lastly
Pick a fight

Sometimes when we go out to a bar and find it full, I will usually try to unsuccessfully steal stools from a bunch of guys and then proceed to run and hide behind my 6’5 boyfriend who scares them away & then yells at me for antagonizing them in the first place. I’m an absolute idiot, don’t be like me. The moral of this little story is if someone (that person being me) is willing to fight for something as trivial as a bar stool, then you can fight for yourself. Don’t you dare give up on yourself. Don’t give in to despair. Reach out and ask your people for help. These things will pass & eventually all will be right with the world. I mean is anything cooler than these dancing storm troopers?

I really hope this was insightful to you (yes, you who is reading this) otherwise you have read 600 words you can’t unsee. If it helps you can add this post to books read in 2018 & then brag about it at the year’s end. 

So then, what are the insane ways you do to get your mojo back?


  • Hazel

    I would want to see you pick a fight. I’m going to look for that podcast. Thanks for sharing your experience and fuck it moves.

    • florentinaaranel

      😂😂 I am picking a fight every single day. Going to share the podcast with you. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  • Palito

    Nice one…You’re such a good writer, you are gifted friend. So my insane way to get my mojo back is NY watching animations there’s a way the fantasy in them reminds me that dreams are valid & of course prayer. This one really reminds me that my life is in much better hands even when I might not understand the plan so I quickly get back on my feet trusting that the creator who ordained everyday of my life before hand has a beautiful plan. I’m glad you are in a better place, sending you a bigggg hug!
    Also talking to people older than me helps because they sort of remind you to hang in there and live for so much more which keeps me going! I guess that could help someone out there. Find people you trust & can talk to so they hold you accountable in this doing life thing .

    • florentinaaranel

      Thank you so much Pearl. I just remembered how much you love Moana & this makes so much sense 😊😊. Animations are such wonderful things because they remind us that hope is alive. God is his goodness & favor has this in control. Thank you so much for reading.

  • Fionah Sunshine Komusana

    This is awesome. I was hanging out with a group of university students recently and I was telling them, that it all ends, even the most sucky situations, in a year or a month they all just pass.
    Also I have been obsessed with Mark Manson since I discovered him last year, so much that I emailed him a thank you for getting me out of a very harsh after school phase.
    One day after a really shitty non writing phase I worked out and between panting and sweating I found my writing mojo. Maybe I should work out again soon because my blog has gathered some cobwebs.
    In so many words, thank you for sharing your list in that brilliant hilarious way only you can.

    • florentinaaranel

      I’m so glad you like it 🙂. Mark Manson is just the best, something about what he writes just helps bring the world back in focus. You should definitely write again, we miss you on these streets. Thank you for reading.

      PS: Totally going to email Mark Manson. He deserves a shout-out.

  • Joey

    Wow. There’s alot of ways. A road trip usually helps unclog my mind. Itry my tallent at word play and read books. I watch keeping up with the you know whos…hihihi i also like to go dancing, listen to Ed Sheran and Gospel music. But seriously i have learnt to ignore the negativity and carry positive vibes with me. Honesty with self is really important. Be real you know. You will know the solution. The most important of all. Let it go and let God work his magic. There is power in the surrender. My friends also give me a tranquility i cant explain. Thats me after mopping around with my feeling. Life us hard but also very swèet. Do sometging crazy. Out of the box. I went bangee jumping. Mwaahhh

    • florentinaaranel

      I always love when you share your thoughts, Joey. They are real & really good. You know how terrified I am of bangee jumping so I am going to try it out 😂😂. Quite honestly God & friends have been my support system. I’m letting God handle this one.

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