Happy New Year! I hope you’re enjoying all 128 days of the January heat and poverty. I have no idea why we always do this though, spend so much money during the holidays and then feed on noodles and water all January. We are the literal definition of insanity.

Girlboss (the book, the podcast & website) is currently my favorite obsession (hence the blog title) and as a woman who is looking to start her own business, I have found Sophia Amoruso’s story an inspiration (google is your friend, people).

According to Sophia a #GIRLBOSS is someone who is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. She takes control and accepts responsibility. She is a fighter who knows when to throw punches and when to roll with them. Sometimes she break the rules, sometimes she follows them, but always so on her own terms. She knows where she is going, but can’t do it without having some fun along the way. She values honesty over perfection. She asks questions. She takes life seriously, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is going to take over the world, and change it in the process. She is a badass.

So in the spirit of living on my own terms, I will not jot down the annual resolution check-list that I will most definitely not fulfill.  I instead pick the word “FEARLESS” to be my guiding mantra through the year. To start off this year with a bang, I reached out to some of my favorite bad ass women and picked up snippets of wisdom on how they are planning to #girlboss the hell outta 2018.


SIIMA SABITI (@kanyindo) – Editor Flair Magazine, XFM Radio presenter, Flute player.

With the new appointment as Editor of Flair magazine, what are you looking forward to? So much! I’m looking forward to working with a very dynamic team.  I’m looking forward to telling women’s stories.  I’m looking forward to learning and being inspired by the people I’m going to meet.

What are the mantras you think every woman should have?  Always remember to breathe!

How are you planning to Girlboss the hell outta 2018?
As usual I’m going to be multi-tasking!  Apart from work, I have quite a few creative and musical projects I’m working on, so I’m excited! I’m going to be very tired, but I’m looking forward to it!  And I’m determined to do all this with my curls poppin’! *finger snaps*


KEMIYONDO COUTINHO (@Kemi_stry ) – ARTrepreneur, Actress, Director and Writer.

12 lessons to implement this 2018

1) Be Still. You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot know what you have if you don’t take time to be still and evaluate.

2) Visualise to internalize. verbalize to materialize. MAKE YOUR VISION BOARDS! It works! Trust me.

2) Find 3 things that make you happy and do them every day (for me it’s singing in the morning, yoga and switching my phone off till 8:30am)

3) Create a morning routine. Mine is meditation, yoga then gym. Having a routine makes getting out of bed so much easier and makes the rest of the day so much more productive.

4) Let go of any relationships that are not serving you. If you’re not sure if they are, they probably are not.

5) Compliment a stranger once a day

6) Do one thing everyday towards your BIG GOAL

7) List three things you’re grateful for EVERY DAY.

8) Write down an intention for the day every morning (I.e. today I will practice kindness)

9) When fear visits remind it how grateful you are by doing number 7. Fear and gratitude cannot co-exist.

10) Stand in your truth. People are attracted to people like this. They may not understand it but they will always pay attention to it.

11) Choose yourself. Always choose yourself. No justification necessary, just choose you.

12) Tell yourself you are magic in the mirror everyday. And dare to believe it.


PS: Her short film KYENVU was nominated for the Best Short (narrative) award at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival. Do check it out


MARIE AINOMUGISHA (@soafricane) – Feminist, Blogger, Lover of languages, travel and books.

2018 for me will be the year of putting myself first and taking steps with courage and compassion.

2018 is the year of a difference so I’d like to make more meaningful connections this year and pursue creative and financial opportunities I’ve put on hold for some time and those that will come up during the year as well. As I grow older, I immerse myself in channels that improve my self-growth. I’ve learnt to look at years as fresh starts and the challenges and opportunities they hold as learning points.

All in all, I’m ready to connect more, be more courageous and be more compassionate with myself and others. Wholeheartedness and fulfillment is a life-long journey and 2018 is just a fragment of that journey so I’d like to make the most of it no matter what it throws my way. Let’s all BOSS IT UP 🎉. I hope I look back at this short in 2019 and point out at least 3 things I did differently. (Also, 🎉 is my emoji for the year).


SUESANNE TUSIIME (@SuesanneTusiime ) – CEO & Founder of Paple Rayn Brand, Fashion Designer and Blogger


I’m inspired to reach my potential everyday by competing with myself. I easily get bored with repetition but that pushes me to create pieces that are better that their predecessors. Its exhausting but very fulfilling.

For 2018, I’m working on A ready-to-wear collection for both men and women for Paple Rayn Hub. The women’s collection will be centered on pieces that are sexy and yet classy tailored for different body types.





HAZEL MWEBESA (@HMwebesa )- Aspiring lawyer, Tax Justice & Equality advocate, Foodie






I’m being tenacious as hell, not afraid to take risks, keeping a positive attitude,  loving people from afar and protecting my peace.









One last thing, its okay to be different, to accept nothing and question everything and to start your movement like the rebel you are.

I hope y’all have a banging 2018 making money moves and being fearless.

What are your #GIRLBOSS moves this year?



  • Septemba

    This has been such a good read. I love the other womyn on here with the boss remarks and little tips that are going to make a huge impact in my life this year. 😍 yassss girl

    • florentinaaranel

      Thank you for reading 😊. I am in awe of these women & am so glad their girlboss moves for 2018 are inspiring us to be better.

  • Taka

    Thank you😄 All the inspiration I neede.Being away from home (UG)its easy to minimize the presence of women in inspirational stances I am glad you have introduced me to these I guess my 2018 girlboss move is to join the girl bosses❤ looking forward to the next read

    • florentinaaranel

      Taka, you have the strength of a lion. You’ll make boss moves & the earth will shatter. 2018 is going to be amazing.

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