DISCLAIMER: This post may or may not contain minor spoilers from both seasons of Insecure. Please read with caution.

I am typing this with dark chocolate smeared hands while listening to the hilarious Fran and Crissles on the InsecuriTEA podcast breakdown every single podcast because this is the only remedy that the internet can offer to soothe my aching heart after the season 2 finale. That final episode broke me. I wept, rewound and then cried watching Issa and Lawrence confess all the unsaid things right there in the kitchen. The daydream montage Issa envisioned playing to the sounds of Daniel Caesar’s Blessed swept the entire scene to a raw and emotional crescendo.

After watching episodes of her Awkward Black Girl web series, I was excited to see what Issa Rae would pull out of the hat, and to be honest, she pulled out an elephant when I expected a squirrel.

Insecure is in its purest form, the truth. Our truth, Our everyday life. I love Insecure exclusively for its finee men (have you seen Dro and Lawrence?) and mostly just how so darn relatable it is. This is a story that potrays the highs and lows of actually being a black 20 or 30 something millennial in this age.

Much to my surprise my favorite people are Frieda and Daniel (haha….I know) but my spirit animals are Issa and Molly. I have never seen a more screwed up, messed up and so damn annoying duo that I love as much as these two (of course except the Winchester brothers in Supernatural)

Right from season 1 when Issa tells Molly “she thinks her pussy is broken”, raps about it on open mic night and then later comes over with apology junk food is when I knew this friendship was going to be a roller coaster. Like all relationships theirs is not without its spats where they bash and throw their insecurities in each other’s faces (Molly’s unrealistic expectations & bad choice in men) and (Issa’s cheating on Lawrence while he was fixing ‘his shit’). Season 1 is mostly awkward but by the end of season 2 you can see that their friendship has matured and grown to one of acceptance and constantly having each other’s back despite their constant slip-ups.

Watching Issa fix Molly’s hair and dress after her drunken bathroom sex incident with Dro and Molly come out guns blazing to go after Daniel after he gives Issa a surprise facial in the Hella Disrespectful episode is friendship goals. These two love and go out of their way to show up for each other.

All that good stuff aside, Issa and Molly’s friendship is hella dysfunctional. In the midst of all couscous, extra crispy lamb and wine neither of them could pronounce during the Morrocan style dinner, neither of them speak of their secrets. Molly is still sleeping with a married Dro and Issa is moving in with Daniel (*face palm* how are they still doing this?). Molly and Issa should be slapping sense and dragging each other away from these stupid cycles they keep fall into. Malibu though, we all do dumb stuff that we would much rather remain unsaid lest we bring them to the surface and make them a reality. Sometimes its easier to push away the guilt of knowing you’re doing something wrong and hope it all blows over. That’s the another great thing about this show, we see the mistakes we make every single darn day staring back at us.

Issa and Molly’s friendship is not perfect but when it comes down to it, they will go all Wonder Woman for each other. Perhaps that’s why its so difficult to love them without loathing them too for being so darn real. In reality Issa and Molly’s friendship is exactly how friendship in most girl squads is really like. We bicker, fight, hate, judge and disapprove but when its all said and done we are each other’s soul mates. We champion, fight and support each other to the death.

This post is for the sisterhoods that are flawed, messy and have endured.

P.S: Can we talk about how Kelli gave us the greatest meme this season? She definitely needs more screen time.

P.P.S: This season’s soundtrack was on fire (think lots of Frank Ocean, SZA, Bryson Tiller, Jazmine Sullivan, Daniel Caesar). The best news is that its renewed for Season 3 (2018 can’t come sooner)

How you guys handling your favorite show hangover blues?


  • So Severe (@severelyours)

    Funny thing is, I almost didn’t watch this show. It was all the rave at season 1, but everyone I asked, (especially the girls) kept saying, “Naah! it’s girl’s stuff. You won’t like it.”

    But the frequency with which that exact same statement kept coming at me everywhere I asked, had me sure that there was a lot in that show show that the girls didn’t want the guys to know.

    The shock I was in when I discovered how the show is about soooo much more, than just girl’s secrets. It’s about ‘growth’, and the potholes we dip in and out of, on the way.

    Issa got this one right.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, TheFlorentyna.

    • florentinaaranel

      HAHA….I can almost picture your disbelief when you discovered what the show is really about! I suppose girls keep it a secret for a good reason, it hits a little too close to home for us. And yesss…..Issa did right by us on this one. So glad to be back to the blogosphere, it still fits like a glove.

  • Roland

    Arrghh…been avoiding starting this one because it sounds like it has way too much drama. And then your post just went ahead to confirm my worst fears. Let me queue it up for the weekend, even.

    • florentinaaranel

      Hehe….unfortunately Roland, there is no running away from this. Even a little drama is good for the soul. Something tells me you will be falling hard in the Insecure universe pretty soon.

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