Uganda should be on the map after New York for the food spots that are the closest thing to heaven. Kampala feeds any food-aholic’s addiction giving way to new and delightful foods to explore and feast upon. This is a list of my favorite food so far….

  1. Yasigi Beer Garden’s Beef Burgers: I stumbled on this place in the middle of a rescue mission but sadly this kraft beer bar closed down this year. But I will always have fond memories of their large-enough-to-feed-a-grown -man burgers with onion rings that came on these wooden rustic boards that just added deliciousness to it. I have a mind to track down the chef if only for one last taste.


  1. Que Pasa’s Meatball Mexicano: Three words; spicy, tangy, and OMG how do they make their meatballs so large!? Okay… maybe more than 3 words but this place has meatballs that can give you palpitations (in a good way). They are spicy and come with a side of salsa, guacamole and parsley rice. Definitely a repeat offender on my nom nom list.


  1. Bbrood’s Apple Pie: I love pie and I cannot lie. Surprisingly the Ugandan bakery market hasn’t yet picked up pie as a staple on their offers (anyone know why?). Bbrood has really lovely apple pie with a crust lined with spicy nutmeg and a center of apples, raisins and nuts. If you’re allergic to nuts, I suggest you try the croissants instead (they are hella good).


  1. 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant’s Coconut Spring Chicken: I & the rest of the MBA gang picked this place on a whim for one of our get-together-and-catch-up dinner. Does it revolve? Why yes. Is it scary? Haha…like I would admit to such rubbish. I was a little apprehensive about trying the coconut chicken (I detest coconut) but the taste was really mild and the chicken was super tender. The fries comes in this little fryer-like carrier (super cute). Definitely try it again.


  1. Nawab’s Asian Bistro’s Butter Chicken & Garlic Naan : This is a date night staple that will never fail. RSP got me addicted to this combination that tastes good every darn time. I probably should explore the rest of the menu but if it ain’t broke…. Highly recommended for date night.


  1. Papi’s Oven Stone Pizzeria’s Meat Lover’s Feast: This little quaint roadside restaurant in Ntinda was an impulse choice for date night and we both agreed was the best pizza we’ve ever had. The pizza is super big with a whooping topping of minced beef, steak, chorizo and bacon and mozzarella. So much meat even vegans might be tempted to try!! I say go for family size even if just for a party of one because we know nothing tastes better than leftover pizza for breakfast.


  1. Café Pap’s Mocha: On an invitation by Café Pap to celebrate International Coffee Day, I had my very first mocha and I have not been able to forget the taste of it. They brew it to the perfect balance of chocolate and espresso which only a few coffee houses have mastered.


  1. The Food Library‘s Chocolate cupcakes: My first encounter with TFL famed cupcakes was at a Goat & Kachumbari event where their pop-up table of delicacies beckoned to me. Their chocolate cupcakes are spongy with Oreos butter cream icing. Definitely worth the hype & every dime spent on them.


  1. Planet Yogurt’s Froyo: Probably the only place frozen yogurt place around but that doesn’t take away how good it is. The choice for toppings is limitless and the velvet vanilla & chocolate combination are what dreams are made of.


  1. Sheraton’s Temptations Cake Shop pastries: Temptations has got to have the softest, melt-in-your-tongue pastries. They are so consistent and the taste keeps getting better with the years. Totally recommend their red-velvet cake, it is incomparable.


  1. Egg Station’s Chicken Popcorn: Just when I thought people had run out of ways to re-invent chicken, along comes chicken popcorn. A little strange but once you get around the name, you will absolutely love them. Unquestionably much better to munch on than ordinary popcorn when catching up on #GameofThrones episodes.


  1. Ponnus’ Tandoori Chicken: I probably eat at this little Lebanese restaurant in Muyenga at least once a fortnight mostly because RSP & I are still trying to figure out what they put in this special sauce they give us. Their tandoori chicken is so bad-ass that we are seriously considering abducting the chef. Be sure to ask for an extra bowl of the house gravy, you can thank me later.

What unforgettable food have you tried lately?



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