THE FOOD HUB is the newest food court in town and it doesn’t come to play. Diana & I had a late lunch date there on a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago and we were absolutely blown way. Like her, I assumed the place would resemble the Nando’s that lived there before but boy was I wrong. The entire space’s style gives off an immersion of monochromatic and futuristic vibes with major hints of Scandinavian influence and fun splashes of colour thrown in (forgive me while I gush. I’m a huge fan of interior design). The interior feels really, really cool.

                                      📷 credit: Mehul Kanani Photography / The Food Hub

The Food Hub is home to Wandacrust (for pizza), Roosta’s (for flame grilled chicken), Cream Supreme (ice cream & juice bar), Mighty Burgers (for burgers, obviously) and Mr. Goldens (for fried chicken). Since we were pretty hungry, I ordered for The Big Bird from Mighty Burgers (comes with fries & a soda) while Diana got the Ground Beef Pizza from Wandacrust. Did I mention there was barely time for small talk before the food came? The service was really fast. Despite having to go to different counters to order for different food, the orders arrived within minutes of each other. That means no one has a chance to nibble on your fries while they wait for their food!

                                                                         Hey There Big Bird! 🍔

So for my favorite part… The food was delicious. I mean really enjoyable. Fast food places usually don’t care much for flavor but I thoroughly relished The Big Bird (it’s a chicken burger) and most importantly it fit in my tiny mouth. The flavours were spot on & the buns didn’t overwhelm the taste of the chicken. Diana received two pizzas instead of the one and when we asked it turned out that on every Tuesdays & Thursdays, Wandacrust gives a free pizza for every medium and large pizza bought. We were excited but majorly because I could add a few extra slices to the ones I was already planning to steal. The cheese and ground beef topping was generous & the crust held everything together. I probably had more than I should have had but they were scrumptious so who cares.

                                       🍕 Come to mama!

The dessert! Yes, we had dessert even after all that food because there is always room for dessert. To say Cream Supreme surprised me is an understatement. Diana delighted in their pineapple juice so much she had another one to go. At a price as low as 2,500/= we both got ice cream & after spying another diner’s dessert course decided to treat ourselves to a crunchy chocolate wafer with double scoops of ice cream. The entire creation was a thing of beauty that is unforgettable. One word for it: EXQUISITE. I sometimes have daydreams about it. 

                                                Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 🍨

The damage for both Diana & I was pretty reasonable. The Big Bird was 18,500/=, pizza went for 27,000/= and dessert was 10,000/= which quite frankly was a sweet deal considering how much we ate & even had leftovers to take with us. The service was impeccable and the waiting staff very attentive and helpful.

If you happen to find yourself in town searching for an affordable place to eat with great food, then I recommend you go to the Food Hub and even bring your entire gang along. Make sure you try something from every restaurant & send your taste buds on a culinary adventure.


IN OTHER NEWS, The Food Hub will be having a promotion coming up for even lower prices on their incredible food.  To offer just a sneak peek this is what you can expect; Mr. Goldens – 2 pieces’ chicken, chips and soda at only 11,500/=, Mighty Burgers – 2 burgers, 2 regular chips & 2 sodas at only 22,000/=, Roosta’s – the Quarter chicken meal for only 14,500 and ice cream for as low as 2,500/= at Cream Supreme. For the pizza lovers, the deal is extra saucy with Wandacrust giving you buy one get one free for the purchase of any large/medium pizzas and providing coupons for 5,000 off their next large pizza order and 4,000 off the next medium pizza order. The coupons are valid on any day of the week except on the promotional days which is Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Keep a look out on their Facebook page to find out when this sweet deal goes live.


I dined with compliments from the Food Hub. All views are my own.  


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